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How To Find Out If Someone Is Married For Free

The world of the Internet has opened up a whole new world to people, people can now learn how to find out if someone is married for FREE. The Internet allows us to do far more than search the web, and shop online, it also allows one to look into other people’s histories and past and see if they are hiding anything. If you suspect someone you are dating to actually be in another relationship, or even married, the Internet can be a great source of information to you and you can search this persons past, online, in the comfort of your own home, for free. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Is He Married?

How to find out if a man you entrusted your love is not married.

How sure you are that the man you entrusted your love is single and no commitments? Have you tried to ask yourself this question, “ Is he married? “ If you are anxious about the relationship with the man that catches your heart, you must take an immediate action. You must be aware about his real civil status. Before you commit yourself to an intimate relationship, find out first if he is single and available or he is married already. Protect yourself from being hurt.

Conduct a Background Check

You may find out the truth by conducting a background check about his personal life. There are many options on doing this action. Hire a private investigator but might be too expensive. Investigate it yourself; start making simple conversations with his circle of friends. Know about his family. By doing this you might find a hint to answer your question “Is he married?”

Quick search

If despite of all your endeavors seems you can’t get the correct answer, search the web. Almost all of the modern country and states has its own data base in the World Wide Web where you can search important information you want to know .Marriage records is a public matter although there are people opted to make it private, mostly are public. Free search in the internet is the most convenient and fastest way to find out if the man you’re dating is married. If he is married, you can find all the details in the web site. Enter all the information about your boyfriend, full name, location where he lives, occupation and other possible identification that leads to the information you want to know. If he is married you can find all the details. The time and place of the marriage, name of the spouse and other details concerning this marriage.

Be Vigilant

Be sensitive on all his actuations. A married person has so many excuses. Take note that if he has no commitment, he is always available for you because he can’t afford to take you for granted. You are always his first priority no matter what happens. He does not hesitate to introduce you to his number of friends and his family circle. Take a look at his ring finger. If he is married, there must be a trace of long wearing it.

If you have the courage to confront him, then do it in a casual manner. Let him know that you have the right to find the truth. Ask him your question base on the evidences that you have gathered, because most married man never reveals his real marital status unless he is caught. Guard yourself from being hurt and avoid being a victim of a forbidden love affair. Be smart yet careful on dating with the man you think he is your soul mate. Always post a question on your mind “Is he married?”, and if the answer is yes, he is married do not hesitate to end up your relationship with him. Save your heart from the agony of a broken heart.


Is he the one?

Is he the one?

Now you are celebrating for finding the right man – YES! – And you are even considering getting married. Is it possible to know that something that feels so good can last forever, if ever?

If you watched news every day, you can see a lot of couples getting married, from locals to celebrities showing the world of their undying love and devotion, only to see them a month or so later, separating because things didn’t work out well for them.

How could it be possible for one person, or a woman for that matter, tell the world of her love for a man, only to realize later on (after getting married) that she married the wrong man?

One can always prepare with this kind of outcome if a relationship has been evaluated beforehand. There are far too many ways to know a man’s true nature and values, and for you to find out if the man you are with is the right one for you. With this kind of evaluation beforehand, the chances of marrying the wrong person will decrease.

To help you decide whether the man you are engaged with is worth the walk in aisle and save you the heartbreak if he ends up your ex, here are six tips:

Know his past. If there is something about your guy’s past that doesn’t seem clear to you and bothers you, and hearing about it just makes you think it’s about another person, your relationship would be at stake. Eventually as wheels continue to turn, what he was then, he still is now. It will come back and his actions will be on a repeat and bad news for you if you were the one during that time. In short, he will slip back to his old ways.

Know what you need in a relationship. Think of those qualities that you saw in him. Not just those that attracted you to him but rather, all those innate qualities that make him worth it. Ask him what qualities does he consider worthy to uphold and value; and if those qualities and priorities matches yours. For example is that he has a job that demands longer hours every day and he likes it, do you think you can handle that? Would you be willing to put up with longer hours to wait for him to come home for dinner? Will you be willing to sacrifice your ‘us’ time with him for the sake of his success?

See the person that he really is. You are marrying the person you know now, not the man that he is going to be like in the future. Think about if he has grand plans about his future, becoming a businessman with all these chain stores in mind, but all you get are the bills for the loan as evidence of the business venture he had in mind.

It is important to have a secure financial future, more often than not, “many women found that they are attracted to marriage because they think they are floundering” as said by Jennifer Gauvain, Couples Therapist.

Family Orientation. When you marry, you are not marrying the person alone but his whole family, depending on how close he is to them. It is important that you have similar or agreeable family values to consider when getting hitched. These people are going to be in your lives once you get married, thus, you need to agree on up to what extent they are going to be involved in your lives.

To cite and example, if he sees his family as worth putting on a pedestal despite the flaws, and in between disagreements he doesn’t side with you even if you are right, then it would cause a problem.  In marriage, you have to put each other first, even if you don’t see each other on the same level all the time.

There should be attraction. No matter how hard times fall, do not overlook the attraction part of the relationship. The spark should always be there. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, psychologist in Wexford, Pennsylvania said that

“A successful marriage means being more than best friends and that great sex won’t make problems go away, but it can really cushion your relationship during the inevitable tough times.”

Discard the Ticking Biological Clock. If you have a notion of marrying at a certain age, as this continues, your hunt for the right partner will drive you up the wall. Whatever reasons there may be for you to marry, random factors shouldn’t drive you to the edge of grabbing the opportunity just so you wouldn’t be left behind. This will only lead for you to marry the wrong guy.

Marry for the right reasons, not because your birthday is almost out of the calendar date, or your friend got married. Do not settle for Mr. Almost Right just because you feel that you are already lagging behind your bridal time line.

Don’t let fear be your reasoning factor for marrying. Ask yourself if your decision to marry your guy is reasonable enough, like, “Would I still marry this guy if I was not in a hurry?” If you answer a shallow yes, then it might be time to put everything on hold until you are quite sure.

The Other Woman without Her Knowing It

In some instances, women fell for men’s lines and end up being in relationship with them. They get on with the life created by these men. Fictitious lives lived in duality and secrecy. Secret from the lady they are dating. The secret? That the man they are dating is already married.

I didn’t say this is a bad thing, but a sad truth to women who fell and got hurt in the process from the lies they believed from the men they fell in love and have a relationship with.

One woman I know was a victim of this. She didn’t know that the man she was going out with was married. They’ve been together for quite a while, most of our friends would say she found a keeper, aside from being so charming and gentlemanly characteristics, he is also extremely generous. Generous to a fault; he would give her jewelry, laptops, pays for vacations, and he is not an old guy. I was a little alarmed but I didn’t say anything because I don’t want to sound like a jealous friend. Who wants to have their bubbles burst? I wouldn’t.

But subtly, I asked them, “when are you both going to get married?” the guy would only smile a knowing smile and looks away. I would joke around, “you are not married are you?”, and then laugh. Somehow they find it funny.

Months turned to years and no wedding bells, my friend started to get nervous and told me, “Something tells me he is married. Whenever I brought up the question about marriage he just seemed distant and a different person.” I told him then about my hunch, and advised her to get the man checked for his marital status. I was right on about it, we found out he lived a double life, he is married, has a wife and three cute kids. My friend was devastated of course, finding out that you are the other woman in a relationship is a serious self-esteem buster,  but at least she found out he was such a liar, and a player. She made contact with the wife, told her everything about their relationship and dumped the guy.

Lesson learned. She got really cautious about her relationship altogether that she never fails to check them out first before going out with them.

Why Married Men Cheat

Men cheat for a lot of reasons. Always, they are as colorful as your clothes.Reasons may or may not be justified, and is still left unanswered for generations. Correction, it is an ageless question.

To some men, being a cheater is blamed for having a ‘cheating gene’. Men would react with this statement, but it has been said that “men are more prone to cheating”, and more find it true.

For the women who married this philandering husbands, they are left wondering what have they done wrong. They did everything they could to be the perfect wife, slave, mother, friend, enemy, name it, and she’s done it. So to cut the chase short, here are some reasons and justifications on why married men cheat:

1. Media as promoter – they made it look so cool for married to have women. The sleek moves, the pat on the back from their male friends. The    locker conversations. It strokes the EGO.

2.Excitement – “The thrill of the kill” as they say, gives their confidence a big boost. This is pretty common to married men who cheat on younger women.

3. Thrill – The thrill of not getting caught and being able to get away with it pushes them to do it over again.

4. Dead SEX life with their partner – they tend to look for excitement for mattress acrobatics elsewhere.

5. Revenge – Payback time

6. Fall out – of love, respect, the relationship.

Reasons are plenty and still counting, but a logical answer is still nowhere.

Single ladies who basked at the attention of these married males (without prior knowledge) might at times fall seriously entangled with their emotions and might get their hopes too high up when they are going to get married (if they get to that point). Promises are made, threats are given, crying and still nothing, your thoughts will eventually drip and ask, “is he married?”. Now you are getting somewhere.

You should have asked that at the beginning of every relationship you get into. This is to protect yourself from being cheated and lied to. And yeah, save yourself from the heartache at the end of the story, er, I mean relationship.

There are many marriage records search available online in the world wide web. Make use of it, avoid the humiliation of asking for information. A simple search will do to end your question. Don’t allow these men to lie in your face.

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